Thursday, June 6, 2013

Motoczysz Beats Mugen In Dramatic TT Zero Finish

Rutter-ZeroIn true David vs. Goliath fashion, Michael Rutter defeated John McGuinness at today's epic TT Zero finale, with the two electric motorcycle racing giants squaring off in a race for the record books. Less than two seconds separated the racers, but in racing, that is all it takes.

McGuinness, riding a Mugen motorcycle that reportedly cost between $4 million and $6 million to develop, was the heavy favorite to win this electric motorcycle race, especially after setting a blistering 109 mph lap in practice. But Michael Rutter, riding a Motoczysz motorcycle, managed to beat out the 19-time TT victory by a scant 1.67 seconds.

Rutter's overall lap speed was 109.675 mph, while McGuinness averaged 109.527 mph, with neither rider able to break the 110 mph barrier as anticipated. Michael Czysz was unable to attend the event due to his illness, but I can only imagine his elation upon learning of the victory.

The defeat was reportedly "soul crushing" for McGuinness, to say nothing of Mugen, which spent a lot of money trying to defeat Rutter. This is the third straight victory for Rutter, and and the fouth win Motoczysz, which has dominated the racing class since its inaugural year in 2010.

There's always next year, Mugen.

Source: TT Zero

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