Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Monster Taijima's E-Runner Unveiled For 2013 Pikes Peak

tajima-5Last year the electric racing world was disappointed when elderly Japanese race car driver "Monster" Taijima had to end his Pikes Peak run early after his EV suffered an on-board fire. But Taijima is back with an upgraded version of his electric race car for another shot at the Pikes Peak EV record.

The upgraded Monster Sport E-Runner is in many ways the same car as last year's competitor, but with improvements focused on reliability and weight reduction. Peak power is estimated to be in the 500 kW, or around 670 horsepower, and Taijima is aiming to complete the 12.42 race course in 9:30, which would set a record not just for EVs, but all other powertrains as well.

Last year the Toyota P002 EV completed the course in 10:15, and Rhys Millen drove a turbocharged Hyundai up the Peak in 9:46. Last year Taijima actually won the qualifying round, but his EV burned itself out early into his actual race run. To ensure he won't be without a ride, Tajima is also competing in this year's run in a 670 horsepower Toyota GT86 in the Unlimited Class...though he still seems to be betting that the EV is his ticket to a Pikes Peak record. He'll have plenty of competition though.

I can't wait to see this ballsy old man take a piece of cutting-edge 21st century technology up a mountain that is millions of years old.


Source: Team APEV

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