Sunday, June 30, 2013

New FIM eRoadRacing Logo Announced

TTXGP are delighted to announce a new logo for the FIM eRoadRacing World Cup ahead of the season's first race in Valencia on Sunday 14 July.

New FIM eRoadRacing Logo Announced

TTXGP are delighted to announce a new logo for the FIM eRoadRacing World Cup ahead of the season's first race in Valencia on Sunday 14 July.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Qualifying electric motorcycle at Pike's Peak Hill Climb

Might want to turn your sound down on this one. Race rules require electrics to emit 120 db of sound. Unfortunately I didn't get my final run with the fastes...

Credit: jeremiah64

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Practicing on Pike's Peak.

Riding Zero S electric motorcycle in the Pike's Peak Hill Climb practice on upper section. By the way, that annoying siren sound is to satisfy the race rule ...

Credit: jeremiah64


First ever official Electric V Gas bike race in Australia. Race Your Mates Wakefield June 2013. Trackside camera by Crazy Al Ripperton Electric Superbike V 6...

Credit: ripperton

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

39-year-old electric car speed record broken

Using its B12 69/EV Le Mans prototype, Drayson Racing managed to set the land speed record for an electric race car in the FIA's sub-1000 kilogram (2,200 pounds) category, with a final top speed of 204.185 mph. The speed beats the previous record of ...
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Green Car Congress: Drayson Racing sets new world electric land ...

Green Car Congress ... It is not the outright speed of 203 mph that is most impressive about this record, but the engineering challenge of accelerating a 1000kg electric vehicle on a short runway over a measured mile. However I've got a great ...
Green Car Congress

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Drayson Racing electric car sets new world speed record

Drayson Racing Technologies has broken the world land speed record for a lightweight electric car. Its Lola B12 69/EV vehicle hit a top speed of 204.2mph (328.6km/h) at a racetrack at RAF Elvington in Yorkshire. Chief executive Lord Drayson, who was ...
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Rod Millen changes to electric car for Pikes Peak Hill Climb

The New Zealand native has captured nine first-place finishes in the Hill Climb, including five titles in the Unlimited division, but this year, he'll try his hand at something new - competitively racing an electric car. ... "We focused on braking ...
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Drayson will shoot for FIA electric-vehicle land-speed record on June 25

Michelin has become the Official Tyre Partner of Drayson Racing Technologies, whose cars will run exclusively on Michelin rubber in the build up to the inaugural 2014/15 FIA Formula E season. This will include the Drayson B12 69/EV hypercar that will ...
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Drayson will shoot for FIA electric-vehicle land-speed record on June 25

Michelin has become the Official Tyre Partner of Drayson Racing Technologies, whose cars will run exclusively on Michelin rubber in the build up to the inaugural 2014/15 FIA Formula E season. This will include the Drayson B12 69/EV hypercar that will ...
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Motors TV To Cover FIM eRoadRacing

TTXGP are pleased to announce a season-long partnership with Motors TV.

FIM eRoadRacing World Cup to Launch in Valencia

The ground-breaking FIM eRoadRacing World Cup will launch its European series as the main event at the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo.

Drayson will shoot for FIA electric-vehicle land-speed record on June 25

The car gets 850 horsepower from its 30 kWh battery. Drayson is ... This record has held firm for nearly 40 years due to the immense technical challenge of running an electric vehicle consistently and reliably at such speeds when weighing less than 1000kg.
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Nissan Promises ZEOD RC Will Be Fastest Electric Race Car Yet

The ZEOD RC, Zero Emission On Demand Race Car

Nissan, on Friday, unveiled what may not only be a harbinger of electrification in motorsports, but also a testbed for accelerating the development of electric vehicle technology. The ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car) is based on the Nissan DeltaWing, the company's 2012 entry in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and will incorporate a combination of electric vehicle and petrol engine technology.

The goals include racing in the 2014 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, hitting 300+ kilometers/hr (186 miles/hr) speeds, to serve as the prototype for Nissan's reentry into the top rung of the LM P1 class in the World Endurance Cup, to demonstrate the power of electrified vehicles, and bring better technology to electric road cars.

Aiming to win in endurance racing with an electrified car, while changing the perception of electric vehicles forever, is a big goal. We like that.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lightning gets Cheeky

It’s for fun, and it’s a poster for sale.  Here’s the details:   For Immediate Release Lighting Motorcycles releases sexy new poster for Pikes Peak. Los Angeles, CA (June 21, 2013)  Lightning Motorcycles, the San Carlos CA electric motorcycle manufacturer and racing team,  released their new poster for the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, featuring their [...]

Electric Motorcycles Headed to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for FIM eRoadRacing Series in August

This August, electric motorcycles will hit the pavement at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway as the FIM eRoadRacing series will roll into to Indy to showcase the capabilities of electric bikes. 180 mph is the speed we're likely to see at the electric motorcycles lap the track during the Red Bull Indianapolis GP on August [...]

Zero, Hollywood Electrics to Contest Pikes Peak

This is the first year the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb will feature an Electric Motorcycle Division due to Hollywood Electrics and Zero Motorcycle's efforts and support in expanding the electric motorcycle market. Hollywood Electrics will ...
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Nissan Unveils 2014 LeMans Entry ZEOD RC; World's Fastest Electric Racer (Video + Q&A)

"Nissan has unveiled the groundbreaking, innovative ZEOD RC - the world's fastest electric racing car that will reach speeds of more than 300km/h (186 mph) with electric technology at the Le Mans 24 Hours." This is that vehicle we first teased on InsideEVs a week ago and is the one that will hit the track [...]

Renault presents new hybrid power unit for F1 in 2014

Renault's hybrid power unit for F1 in 2014 includes a turbocharged, direct-injected 1.6L engine plus two motor generator units for energy recovery and use: the MGU-H (heat) and MGU-K (kinetic). Click to enlarge.

At the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, Renault presented its new power unit designed to the new technical regulations to be used in the FIA Formula One world champion ship from 2014 onwards: the Energy F1-2014. The regulations call for a 1.6L direct injection Turbo V6 plus a single turbocharger; an electric motor for boost is allowed

There is a strong focus on improved vehicle fuel efficiency / reduced fuel consumption, with the fuel quantity for the race limited to 100 kg-about a 35% reduction from the current V8 F1 engines. Fuel mass flow rate is limited to 100 kg/hr max (it is currently unlimited), and Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) are allowed.

The Renault Energy F1 V6 has the required displacement of 1.6 litres and will make around 600 bhp (448 kW). It uses two motor generator units (MGUs): an MGU-H for waste heat energy recovery and an MGU-K for kinetic energy recovery during braking.

The MGU-H is connected to the turbocharger. Acting as a generator, it absorbs power from the turbine shaft to recover heat energy from the exhaust gases. The electrical energy can be either directed to the MGU-K or to the battery for storage for later use. The MGU-H is also used to control the speed of the turbocharger to match the air requirement of the engine (eg to slow it down in place of a wastegate or to accelerate it to compensate for turbo-lag.)

The MGU-K is connected to the crankshaft of the internal combustion engine and is capable of recovering or providing power, limited to 120 kW (160 bhp) by the rules. Under braking, the MGU-K operates as a generator to slow the car (reducing the heat dissipated in the brakes) and so recovers some of the kinetic energy and converts it into electricity. Under acceleration, the MGU-K is powered (from the Energy Store and/or from the MGU-H) and acts as a motor to propel the car.

The Power Unit's ERS (Energy Recovery System) uses the MGU-H and MGU-K plus an energy store, plus some power and control electronics. Heat and kinetic Energy recovered can be consumed immediately if required by the other MGU, or used to charge the energy store. The stored energy can be used to propel the car by the MGU-K or to accelerate the turbocharger by the MGU-H.

Compared to 2013 KERS, the ERS of the 2014 Power Unit will have twice the power (120 kW vs 60 kW) and a performance effect 10 times greater.

The F1 cars for 2014 may be categorized as a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), which combines a conventional internal combustion engine with an electric propulsion system, rather than a full electric vehicle (EV). Like road-going HEVs, the battery in the F1 cars is relatively small sized. The relevant technical regulations mean that if the battery discharged the maximum permitted energy around the lap, the battery would go flat just after a couple of laps. In order to maintain "state of charge" (SOC) of the battery, electrical energy management will be just as important as fuel management.

The overall objective is to minimize the time going round a lap of the circuit for a given energy budget. This might sound nothing like road-relevant, but essentially, this is the same problem as the road cars: minimizing fuel consumption for a given travel in a given time-the input and output are just the other way around.

Choosing the best split between the fuel-injected engine and electric motor to get the power out of the Power Unit will come down to where operation of these components is most efficient. But again, SOC management presents a constraint to the usage of the electric propulsion. And the optimum solution will vary vastly from circuit to circuit, dependent on factors including percentage of wide open throttle, cornering speeds and aerodynamic configuration of the car.

There are quite a few components which will be directly or indirectly controlled by the energy management system; namely the internal combustion engine, the turbo, the ERS-K, ERS-H, battery and then the braking system. Each has their own requirement at any given time, for example the operating temperature limit. There can also be many different energy paths between those components. As a result, the control algorithm can be quite complex to develop and manage.

What is clear, however, is that at any given time, as much energy as possible, which would otherwise be wasted, will be recovered and put back into the car system. It would not be an over-estimation to state that the F1 cars of next year are probably the most fuel and energy efficient machines on the road.

-Naoki Tokunaga, technical director for new generation Power Units

Nissan unveils ZEOD RC electric Le Mans Prototype; targeting 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours

Nissan ZEOD RC. Click to enlarge.

Nissan unveiled the ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car)-an electric Le Mans prototype racing car intended to reach speeds of more than 300 km/h (186 mph) at the Le Mans 24 Hours race in 2014, where it will makes its debut.

Nissan will use the same core lithium-ion battery technology as in the LEAF and will test out variants of new electric drive train technologies as part of its intended future return to LM P1 competition.

Nissan ZEOD RC. Click to enlarge.

Billy Hayes, Nissan's Vice President in charge of global sales of the LEAF, noted that the ZEOD will use technology that has come from the huge research and development efforts that Nissan put into making its own battery and electric motor. However, the ZEOD units will not be the same units as the road cars because the demands put on the motorsports system are nothing like they would be on the street.

Nissan Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn announced the in invitation from the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) to compete in the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours in Japan in February. The car will compete under the ACO's "Garage 56" entry-an additional spot on the grid for vehicles that showcase new and innovative technology.

Run as a Nissan / NISMO full factory international program with input from Japan, Europe and the US, the Nissan ZEOD RC design team is headed by Ben Bowlby who has been newly appointed as Nissan's Director of Motorsport Innovation and previously worked on the Nissan DeltaWing program in 2012. (Earlier post.)

The Nissan ZEOD RC is a natural progression that follows on from the development of the Nissan LEAF road car and the LEAF RC race car prototype. The technologies developed through the ZEOD RC program will form part of future innovations for Nissan road cars.

The ZEOD RC program is designed to develop multiple technologies to evaluate how they could be used for a future LM P1 class return of Nissan at the Le Mans 24 Hour. There are multiple options we are investigating. A Zero Emission on Demand option where the driver can switch between electric and petrol-powered drive is a future direction for road cars, so that will be tested in addition to pure electric power and other new technologies that we still have under development.

-Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President and Executive Committee member at Nissan Motor Company Limited

Launched in 2010, the Nissan LEAF has become the world's best-selling all-electric car. Nissan launched the Nissan LEAF RC in 2011-a racecar prototype powered by the same 107-hp electric motor that is used in the road car. (Earlier post.)

While current battery technology does not provide the energy storage capacity to race a solely electric Le Mans prototype, Nissan ZEOD RC designer Ben Bowlby believes the development of the car will be an important step in the electrification of the race cars of the future.

Developing a car like this provides an incredibly challenging test bed for what could be highly effective options for road cars of the future. Throughout the next twelve months we will be testing multiple drive train options in an extensive test program.

We have many options to consider and test. The test program is part of a longer term goal of developing a system and a set of rules for this type of technology in partnership with the ACO that would be best suited to competing at the highest level of this sport.

Our design team on the Nissan ZEOD RC program has concentrated heavily on packaging and aerodynamic efficiency that will not only provide extreme performance but high levels of energy efficiency-the goal for all global automakers.

A large part of our work in the coming months is to discuss with the ACO future opportunities for the electrification of the Le Mans rules in the future and work towards delivering appropriate technology. Garage 56 is a bold move by the ACO to showcase Innovation and allow testing of untried components and systems for future competition use. To this end they are the most forward thinking promoter in Motorsport today.

-Ben Bowlby

Nissan will partner with French tire manufacturer Michelin to produce tires for the new prototype. Nissan previously joined forces with Michelin on the Nissan DeltaWing program.

The Nissan ZEOD RC will make its testing debut later this summer. Nissan's assault on the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hour will again target victory in the P2 class with 15 of the 22 entries powered by Nissan. In the opening rounds of the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship, Nissan has taken victory at Silverstone and Spa-Francorchamps.

Nissan unveils radical hybrid Le Mans racer

Nissan unveils radical hybrid Le Mans racer. The Japanese manufacturer aims to showcase its electric vehicle technology by lapping Le Mans as quickly as a Ferrari 458 GT2... on battery power alone. Nissan unveils ... Nissan says its new hybrid Le Mans ...
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ESBK Roundtable #3 (Full): All About Formula-E

  From Formula E’s Facebook page So for this episode I gathered Domenick Yoney of AutoBlog Green, Drew Sanford is the guy who edits the teaser episodes, and myself, to talk about the up and coming Formula E series.  Domenick covers the series, Drew is a die-hard F1 fan, and I dug into it pretty [...]

Energica Top Speed Test 2013 @ Aero Club Modena

Credit: crpgroup

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ESBK Roundtable #3 (Teaser): All About Formula-E

So for this episode I gathered Domenick Yoney of AutoBlog Green, Drew Sanford is the guy who edits the teaser episodes, and myself, to talk about the up and coming Formula E series.  Domenick covers the series, Drew is a die-hard F1 fan, and I dug into it pretty hard, and watch every Agag interview [...]

Ing. Enrico Zelioli, Project Manager Chassis&Body Dept. Energica

Energica The Blog intervista l'Ing. Enrico Zelioli, Project Manager Chassis&Body Dept. Energica.

Credit: crpgroup

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Learning Pike's Peak Hillclimb

This is my first run up Pike's Peak, trying to learn which way the corners go. The Sun was definitely not helping, it was actually harder to see than what th...

Credit: jeremiah64

Tesla Roadsters Dominating at All Japan EV-GP Series

All Japan EV-GP Series is a Japanese racing series that was first organized about two years by Japan Electric Vehicle Race Association (JEVRA). The main event is a race of roughly 50 km distance (31 miles) in several different categories - EV-1 (over 100 kW), EV-2 (50-100 kW), EV-3 (below 50 kW), EV-C (for conversions) [...]

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moto-Electra Racing Sets World Record for All-Electric Vehicle Trans ... - PR Web (press release)

Moto-Electra Racing Sets World Record for All-Electric Vehicle Trans ...
PR Web (press release)
Thad also raced this bike successfully in the 2010 and 2011 TTXGP series. Moto-Electra was ranked second in North America for the 2011 season. "The funny thing is .. when we said we could do this, many said it was impossible," said Richardson. "Already ...

Team Williams is the newest big name from F1 to join Formula E

Read about Williams F1 and the support they plan to give to the new Formula E series at Road & Track.

Drag Times: Six Cents To Drag Race Your Tesla Model S (w/video)

Sometimes it seems like every story regarding electric vehicles has to be about the greater good, the validity of a particular model's existence, how much pollution really goes into a kW of electricity production, or whether or not the most recent offering from company XYZ is a compliance car or not. This is not one of [...]

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another look at how the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb is Shaping Up for Elmotos: Lightning Dominates Practice

I had one hopeful competitor tell me once that what he liked about was that I do my best to tell you folks how it really is, while maintaining a positive out look.  Which is exactly what I hope to do here with this site.  Some times I fail, and some times I succeed.  [...]

eRoadRacing Heads to EDTA Conference

FIM eRoadRacing CEO Azhar Hussain will be talking at this year's Electric Drive Transportation Association's annual conference and meeting in Washington this week.

Lightning Motorcycles Sets Fastest Times at Pike's Peak Practice

Lightning Motorcycles have beaten top gas motorbikes and set the fastest times at the Pike's Peak Hill Climb on the same machine that will enter the FIM eRoadRacing World Cup.

University of Calgary electric motorbike team prepares for competition

Team Zeus will race its electric motorbike in July in the North American TTXGP, an international zero-emissions motorcycle competition near Salt Lake City, Utah. Team Zeus is just two years old and the team will be competing for the first time in the ...
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Beacon News (blog)

Monster Taijima's E-Runner Unveiled For 2013 Pikes Peak

tajima-5Last year the electric racing world was disappointed when elderly Japanese race car driver "Monster" Taijima had to end his Pikes Peak run early after his EV suffered an on-board fire. But Taijima is back with an upgraded version of his electric race car for another shot at the Pikes Peak EV record.

The upgraded Monster Sport E-Runner is in many ways the same car as last year's competitor, but with improvements focused on reliability and weight reduction. Peak power is estimated to be in the 500 kW, or around 670 horsepower, and Taijima is aiming to complete the 12.42 race course in 9:30, which would set a record not just for EVs, but all other powertrains as well.

Last year the Toyota P002 EV completed the course in 10:15, and Rhys Millen drove a turbocharged Hyundai up the Peak in 9:46. Last year Taijima actually won the qualifying round, but his EV burned itself out early into his actual race run. To ensure he won't be without a ride, Tajima is also competing in this year's run in a 670 horsepower Toyota GT86 in the Unlimited Class...though he still seems to be betting that the EV is his ticket to a Pikes Peak record. He'll have plenty of competition though.

I can't wait to see this ballsy old man take a piece of cutting-edge 21st century technology up a mountain that is millions of years old.


Source: Team APEV

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Toyota TMG EV P002 Ready to Battle to Retain Title at 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Improved and refined, the TMG EV P002 is ready to take off in arguably the most important event for electric vehicles: the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Toyota Motorsport announced the completion of successful testing of the electric vehicle at Carolina Motorsport Park track. Specific to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event, TMG EV [...]

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brammo: Abalta Technologies’ EV Range Estimator and Empulse R Recall

Not sure if this Abalta range estimator is going to part of a new dash or the app we heard about a while ago.  I did ask but I kind of swamped the poor guys with emails that day and haven’t heard back.  It is possible they don’t have anything to say, but they usually [...]

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive Nürburgring record - SLS ED

Energica Hits the Track Tease from eCRP

( Well we now know it moves, and that is a step in the right direction.  I have the newsletter which I assume is just the press release below.  Really they have been showing it off a bit in Italy a bit, crowing about anti-lock brakes which are going to be required in the EU [...]

Mercedes SLS AMG electric car sets Nürburgring record lap

Mercedes SLS AMG electric car sets Nürburgring record lap. Mercedes-Benz has set a new electric car record, taking its SLG AMG Electric Drive coupe around the famous N?rburgring Nordschleife race track in under 8 minutes. Mercedes SLS AMG Electric ...
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New Nürburgring Lap Record For Electric Car Set By SLS AMG

The timing was nothing if not amusing. No sooner had Audi let us drive its R8 e-tron electric supercar and proudly boasted of its lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, then arch-rival Mercedes-Benz stole it from under Audi's nose with its SLS AMG Electric Drive. The striking yellow Mercedes completed a lap of the famous "green hell" in...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I’m confused: Gasoline Gallon (US) VS kWh Equivelency

Confusion is a normal state for me.  Actually my third grade teach would probably get a real kick out of this title if she could remember back that far.  But this time I’m not confused,  the gas guys are confusing me.  And my concern is that they are confusing you too.  Why am I writing [...]

Friday, June 7, 2013

Look at What I Got in the Mail!

I did receive this hat some time ago and big thanks to Parker for supplying me with some sweet schwag.  Clearly they think highly enough of my coverage to send me a very nice hat unlike some others [coughBrammocough].  Nah, I leaned on Kevin (Parker’s liaison to Brammo) a bit, but he did deliver.  It [...]

Formula E Trailer

Welcome to the official YouTube channel for the FIA Formula E Championship. Not sure what Formula E is? Formula E is a new FIA Championship for fully-electri...

Credit: fiaformulae

Thursday, June 6, 2013

TT 2013 - Michael Rutter - TT Zero Race - MotoCzysz E1PCE

Drayson Racing Looks to Smash Past 200 MPH in Electric Vehicle Record Run

Lord Paul Drayson hopes to shock the world with a 200-mph record-setting run scheduled for June 25 at RAF Elvington Airfield in the UK. Drayson will pilot the Drayson B12 69 electric down the 1.86 -mile runway in an attempt to shatter all existing records for electric vehicles under 2,205 pounds. The current record in [...]

Carlin Dunne switches to electric racing with Lightning for 2013 Pikes Peak

On Tuesday, Lightning Motorcycles announced they had signed Pikes Peak International Hill Climb multi-time-champion Carlin Dunne to ride with the team in the 2013 event. While this is important for Lightning Motorcycles, as a team, to sign...
Carlin Dunne

Michael Rutter wins third TT Zero, makes it four in a row for MotoCzysz

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Michael Rutter has just won his third SES TT Zero, giving MotoCzysz it's fourth-in-a-row victory in the electric motorcycle race on the Isle of Man. But it was close. Damn close. One-point-six-seconds close. In the end, after months of engineering effort, the top spot on the podium - the only position that really matters to these guys - came down to which team was willing to take the most risk.

As we suspected, it was really a contest between nineteen-time TT winner John McGuinness on the Mugen Shinden Ni and reigning TT Zero champion Michael Rutter riding for MotoCzysz. Both teams wanted this win badly. For MotoCzysz, this bike (you can see great pictures of it here) represents its entire electric drivetrain technology and motorcycle performance parts business and the event gives the U.S.-based outfit a worldwide publicity megaphone. The difference between a win and second place could mean keeping the lights on. Though, with team principal Michael Czysz currently engaged in a personal health battle, the positive result might be even more important.

Continue reading Michael Rutter wins third TT Zero, makes it four in a row for MotoCzysz

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Rutter Smashes Previous Record At IOM TT Zero

MotoCzysz won their fourth consecutive IOM TT Zero race this week and averaged an incredible 109.765mph over the course of the TT circuit.

MotoCzysz makes stunning win over Mugen in 2013 TT ZERO

The TT ZERO is an electric motorcycle race held on the Isle of Man during the TT Week. It is in its 4th year, and replaces the 2009 TTXGP held during TT Week. Rob Barber, riding for Agni Motors at the time, won the 2009 TTXGP. Every year since, it has ...
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Motoczysz Beats Mugen In Dramatic TT Zero Finish

Rutter-ZeroIn true David vs. Goliath fashion, Michael Rutter defeated John McGuinness at today's epic TT Zero finale, with the two electric motorcycle racing giants squaring off in a race for the record books. Less than two seconds separated the racers, but in racing, that is all it takes.

McGuinness, riding a Mugen motorcycle that reportedly cost between $4 million and $6 million to develop, was the heavy favorite to win this electric motorcycle race, especially after setting a blistering 109 mph lap in practice. But Michael Rutter, riding a Motoczysz motorcycle, managed to beat out the 19-time TT victory by a scant 1.67 seconds.

Rutter's overall lap speed was 109.675 mph, while McGuinness averaged 109.527 mph, with neither rider able to break the 110 mph barrier as anticipated. Michael Czysz was unable to attend the event due to his illness, but I can only imagine his elation upon learning of the victory.

The defeat was reportedly "soul crushing" for McGuinness, to say nothing of Mugen, which spent a lot of money trying to defeat Rutter. This is the third straight victory for Rutter, and and the fouth win Motoczysz, which has dominated the racing class since its inaugural year in 2010.

There's always next year, Mugen.

Source: TT Zero

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Brammos Smoking at Miller

Eric Bostrom and Steve Atlas, of Brammo Racing, laying some serious rubber down at the 4th round of the 2012 TTXGP North American Championship held at Miller.

Credit: egrandprix

MotoCzysz, Rutter, and the Isle of Man TT win the 2013 TT Zero

Man, there is so much to talk about I’m not really sure how to organize it.  The title alone took me forever to settle on.  Some of the you newer followers may be wondering why this is so late.  Long time readers will know I generally like to sit and digest a race before I [...]

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Racing Across America: What do I Think?

  It’s one thing to ask EBSK what I think.  I know then, that I really should take a breath and answer in an appropriate way.  But the problem comes when you ask Richard Dort what he thinks.  The problem with that is that most of the time I’ll tell you.  That happened today.  An [...]

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Record Holder Dunne To Race Lightning ...

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb: Carlin Dunne (5) in action at Pikes Peak in 2012. Photo by Jamey Price, courtesy of Lightning Motorcycles. Historic moment as current motorcycle racing champion leaves gas bike to ride solar powered motorcycle.
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2013 Team Icon Brammo Racing Season Blog #3, by Steve Atlas

With two very successful tests in the books and a strong start to the 2013 season under our belt, it was time for Team Icon Brammo to take on something new; time to forge a new frontier so to speak. But where this frontier is ...

2013 TT Zero Results

2013 TT Zero Results And Lap Speeds

What a great run by Rutter and MotoCzysz for the win. McGuinness was over taken by Rutter at the end of the race. Barber and Buckeye Current took 3rd with an amazing effort. Mark Miller and the second MotoCzysz bike stopped early in the race. :-/

Asphalt And Rubber was quick on the draw with a good race report.

Great show. Looking forward to next year!

Rob Barber and John McGuinness had to run to the Supersport Race 2 so they could not attend the press conference. Hopefully the races will be spaced out better next year. I'm sure we will see more top riders in the TT Zero next year so they might as well plan for these guys to be able to talk to the press before the next race.

2013 TT Zero Results ©, .

TOYOTA HYBRID System - Racing Explained

The 90th Le Mans 24 Hours is approaching fast, with the test day already this Sunday, so we think it is a good time to explain a little more graphically about the TOYOTA HYBRID System - Racing (THS-R) which is at the heart of the TS030 HYBRID.

The powertrain consists of a 530hp v8, 3.4litre, normally-aspirated petrol engine combined with a 300hp hybrid system. Under braking, in the designated hybrid recovery zones, the system harvests energy which is converted into electricity by the Motor Generator Unit (MGU), located between engine and gearbox, within the gearbox housing. This electricity is transmitted, via a DENSO inverter, into the NISSHINBO super capacitor storage device, sited next to the driver in the cockpit. When the driver accelerates, the hybrid boost is delivered automatically for around three seconds, with the electricity travelling from the super capacitor, through the inverter and into the MGU, which adds the power to that of the petrol engine and transmits it to the rear wheels.

The below graphic shows what the THS-R looks like, under the skin of the TS030 HYBRID

TOYOTA HYBRID System Racing 1

John McGuinness Fastest in Qualifying for SES TT Zero on Isle of Man; 109.04 mph Average Speed

After Monday's qualifying session, John McGuinness shot back to the top of the time list in SES TT Zero on the Isle of Man. Piloting his Mugen Shinden Ni, McGuinness set a new unofficial average speed record at 109.04 mph (almost two miles faster than in practice) and booked a time of 20:45.699. Second fastest [...]

Fastest TT Zero Qualifying Times Ahead of The June 5 TT Zero

Fastest TT Zero Lap TimesTomorrow morning is the TT Zero at the Isle of Man TT. Above are the fastest lap times from qualifying.

Rutter, Miller and McGuinness are all faster than last years record lap time of 104.056. In McGuinness on the Mugen bike set the fastest lap around the 37+ mile mountain course shaving 1 minute over his 21:45.33 lap last year.

The TT Zero final will be run at 4:45 AM CST June 5. Be sure to get up early and watch the race. You can also catch highlights on Velocity TV if you have it.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mission Motors Announce New Bikes

Mission Motors have finally informed the world about their big announcement which was set for Monday 3 June – the launch of two new electric superbikes