Friday, May 31, 2013

Streamers, and Racers, and Islands Oh My!

There is so much news I feel like my head is going to explode.  Mostly because I suspect sleep is going to be a relative term for the next few days, and Sunday is going to be a very long day sitting in front of the computer.  I have been riding the ol’ bicycles in [...]

ESBK Studios: Episode 24 (Full) Interview Kyle Ginaven of the Buckeye Current Kyle and I chat for about 2 hours about their team, their bike, their goals, the Isle of Man TT Zero, and elmotos in general.  He comes up with some things that catch even me off guard.  And as we all know, I come up with some off the wall stuff.  Also the good [...]

Steve Atlas On-Board - AFM Formula 1 Race Start - Sonoma, 2013

Steve Atlas starts from the last row of the grid and gets a front row seat to some club racing carnage!

Credit: brammo

Thursday, May 30, 2013

ESBK Studios: Episode 24 (Teaser) Interview Kyle Ginaven of the Buckeye Current

Kyle and I chat for about 2 hours about their team, their bike, their goals, the Isle of Man TT Zero, and elmotos in general.  He comes up with some things that catch even me off guard.  And as we all know, I come up with some off the wall stuff.  Also the good guys [...]

HoiChi Fung Pushing His Machine to the Limit and Beyond @ Falkenberg

HoiChi Fung, of Zongshen Racing slides off his machine in free practice of Round 1 of the 2012 TTXGP European Championship hosted at Falkenberg, Sweden.

Credit: egrandprix

Drayson Racing to attempt electric vehicle land speed record

Former cabinet minister and now racing entrepreneur, Lord Drayson will race a low drag version of the Drayson B12 69/EV electric Le Mans prototype race car flat out along Elvington's 1.86 mile runway on June 25, 2013, in a bid to break the current ...
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Pike's Peak Hillclimb Expecting 7 Electric Racers for 2013

Electric Racers at PPIHC

According to reports from race organizers, this year's Pike's Peak International Hillclimb will feature seven fully-electric racers - with a few of those vying to take top honors against the Hillclimb's famous "Unlimited Class".

Of course, we already knew that the mountain's real heavy hitters, "the Monster" Tajima and the great Rod Millen, will be driving electrics this year. Still, it's good to hear that there are other drivers looking to take advantages of the EVs' massive, low-end torque and the fact that the electric motors, unlike their gasoline-driven counterparts, won't lose a few hundred horsepower as they reach altitude. In addition to these seven electric cars, at least one racer is also planning to run a hybrid: the Honda CRZ piloted by American Sage Marie, a Hillclimb rookie.

We'll post more news about the 2013 running of the Pike's Peak International Hillclimb (scheduled for June 30th) as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

Electric Racers at PPIHCE-Runner-Pikes-Peak-Special-2012tmg-ev-p002

Source: Motorpasion.

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Drayson Racing to make attempt for FIA World Electric Land Speed record with modified Lola-Drayson LMP EV

Lola-Drayson B12/69EV at Rockingham in January. Photo: Drayson Racing Technologies. Click to enlarge.

Drayson Racing Technologies will make an attempt for the FIA World Electric Land Speed Record in the sub-1000kg class on 25 June at RAF Elvington in Yorkshire using a modified version of the Lola-Drayson B12/69EV electric Le Mans Prototype (earlier post). Lord Drayson, CEO and co-founder of Drayson Racing Technologies (as well as former UK science minister) will drive the EV flat-out along Elvington's 1.86-mile runway.

Lord Drayson will aim to better the current record of 175 mph (282 km/h) set by Battery Box General Electric in the United States and which has stood since 1974. This record has held firm for nearly 40 years due to the technical challenge of running an electric vehicle consistently and reliably at such speeds when weighing less than 1000 kg, Drayson said.

It is not the outright speed that is impressive about this record attempt, but the engineering challenge of accelerating a 1000kg electric vehicle to such a high speed and sustaining that speed over a measured mile, before stopping safely all within a relatively short distance then turning round and doing it again within an hour. It's a tremendous technical challenge but we believe it's about time someone moved this record on to demonstrate just how far EV technology has come.

-Lord Drayson

The Drayson B12 69/EV was not originally conceived as a land speed car. Having raced the Lola chassis in sports car championships around the world powered by a second generation bio-fueled Judd V10 engine, Drayson Racing Technologies took the decision to explore the potential of the electric drivetrain and use the familiar Lola chassis as a starting point. This provided the team with a tougher engineering challenge than starting from a ground-up design-particularly in packaging the drivetrain to maintain the rigidity and crash safety of the original car.

To challenge for the record, some changes have been made to the set-up of the car and drivetrain that are consistent with racing at a low downforce circuit. This will give the B12 69/EV the traction to achieve maximum acceleration in the short distance available, sustain maximum speed over a measured mile and stop safely.

The reason we are doing this is to showcase the maximum level of EV performance at the moment-and in a real racing car rather than a teardrop-shaped land speed record car. We are also demonstrating the future potential of technologies like wireless charging in speeding the adoption of high performance EVs. It's a great way to build up to the Formula E championship that we are competing in from 2014 and will demonstrate that Britain is at the forefront of this vital technology, which I believe represents the future of the automobile.

-Lord Drayson

The basic Drayson B12 69/EV with a carbon Lola LMP1 chassis is powered by a 30 kWh battery pack encased in a carbon battery cell integrated into the chassis to become a structural component. The battery is designed to be modular offering a range of power, capacity and weight configurations. Four axial Flux Motors (2 per rear wheel) with integrated transmission generate 640 kW (850 bhp). The vehicle is charged by a 20kW QualcommHalo wireless charging system.

For the land-speed record attempt, the bodywork has a low-drag configuration. Power is reduced to 480 kW (600 bhp), and the high-power battery pack is reduced to 20 kWh. Weight is below 1000 kg without a driver.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

EV West Builds Electric BMW M3 With Far Too Much Torque (Video)

In a world of Nissan Leafs, Mitsubishi iMiEVs, Ford C-MAXes and Toyota Priuses it takes frequent reminders that driving hybrid and electric vehicles can be fun. Tesla has proven it. Fisker tried to prove it before their business imploded. The fine folks at EV West are determined to prove it everyday. EV West's latest project [...]

Electric sport bike (that's right) to take on Pike's Peak race

Tracy's Amarok entry sparked Pikes Peak electric motorcycle record holder Chip Yates to make a late effort to defend his title aboard one of the Amarok's competitors, the Lightning electric sport bike. The Mission. The current Amarok is a bike that ...
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Michael Barnes Wheelies at Infineon Raceway

Onboard Footage of Michael Barnes from Team Baracuda Lightning, as he powers around Infineon Raceway for Round 1 Qualifying of the TTXGP North American 2012 ...

Credit: egrandprix

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shelina Moreda Races Electric vs. Gas!

Shelina Moreda races the Parker Racing Brammo Empulse TTX production-based race bike against the best of the AFM 250 Superbike grid. Starting in 14th place a...

Credit: brammo

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ESBK Studios: Episode 23 (Teaser) Interview with Tyler Rowan of SPSU

A great and fun interview with Tyler Rowan of the Motorcycle project side of the Southern Polytechnic State University’s Electric Vehicle Team.  Say that three times fast.  his is the fifth University club/team I have found with serious aspersions of building an FIM eRoadRacing contending bike.  Give them a listen.


Up Coming Racing, and there is a LOT of it!

June is going to be ridiculous when it comes to racing over the next few weeks.  I think it’s a conspiracy to try to make me OD on racing, and they might just succeed.  Here’s what is coming up for the next few weeks: May 31: First TT Zero Practice June 1: Second TT Zero […]

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ride On Racing Round UP 19MAY13

So last Sunday night I was a call-in guest on  KCBQ Radio AM 1170′s “Ride-On Racing Roundupout” with Dave Stall & Alex Plewniak of San Diego, CA.  They have a lean towards the green technologies and asked me to be on after a fun conversation with the co-hoast Alex Plewniak the other night.  I must be getting real good at sounding like I […]


Assault&Battery now with Nitrous

First it was the first ever EV drag car with Nitrous now comes our motor voltage attenuator. This is our first hookup of our motor voltage spike attenuator.

Credit: dcplasmaracing

Monday, May 20, 2013

MotoElectra are Back with a Cross Continent Record Attempt

I am working on getting a little more info but in the mean time at least I found the press release.  It pretty much says it all at this point: Moto-Electra Racing to Attempt Coast to Coast Record for Electric Vehicles Moto-Electra announced today that it is set to challenge the world record for electric […]

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lots of News out of Zero for the Month of May

Three whole press releases have been posted up on Zero’s website for the month of May.  They have sold 59 bikes to the Hong Kong Police Department through their new dealership there, they won “European E-Motorbike of the Year 2013, and the have just release their Military version of their MX dirt bike.  Not mention […]

Moto Electra Racing To Attempt Coast To Coast Electric Motorcycle ...

Objective: to ride the 2500 miles from Jacksonville, Florida to the Santa Monica Pier, California in 3 days or less with about 20 pit stops to charge the Moto Electra, an electric motorcycle based on a 1960's Norton Featherbed ...

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Isle of Man TT folks give us an update on the TT Zero

Well it’s that time of year and the festival starts in just over a week.  Fortunately we finally have official confirmation of the teams that are coming this year.  This is the first year that we have not heard over 20 bikes were coming only for those numbers to steadily fall.  And I, for one, […]

Mitsubishi to enter 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with two new MiEV Evolution II electric racers

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will compete in the 2013 edition of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, 25-30 June 25 to June 30, with the MiEV Evolution II all-electric prototype. MMC's team will consist of two of the new all-electric four-wheel drive (4WD) racecars.

The four Meidensha motors (2 front, 2 rear) have a maximum output of 100 kW apiece, for 400 kW total. The 50 kWh battery pack is made by Lithium Energy Japan (LEJ), a joint venture between Mitsubishi as GS Yuasa.

MMC entered the Pikes Peak competition for the first time last year with the i-MiEV Evolution all-electric prototype, finishing second in the Electric Division.

Like last year's i-MiEV Evolution, the MiEV Evolution II uses parts used in production vehicles combined with a high-capacity battery and high-output motors both specially designed by MMC's suppliers. Based on experience gained from last year's race, MMC added S-AWC (Super All-Wheel Control) integrated vehicle dynamics control system to a two-front/two-rear four-motor drivetrain for increased handling and control in the MiEV Evolution II.

These, together with a specially-designed body that provides reduced weight and improved aerodynamics, has resulted in a significant improvement in driving dynamics.

MMC will utilize the data and technical knowhow garnered through its participation in the event in its @earth TECHNOLOGY next-generation advanced technology R&D program for eventual use in future production vehicles.

Mitsubishi Electric Race Car To Tackle Pikes Peak Hill Climb Once Again

Mitsubishi caused a stir at last year's Pikes Peak hill climb with its electric i-MiEV Evolution race car, and the team is returning this year to challenge for overall honors. While last year's racer was loosely based on the i-MiEV or 'i' electric road car, the new MiEV Evolution II makes no such concessions--it's an out-and-out sports prototype...

Renault signs on as official partner of Spark Racing Technology for Formula E

Renault SAS has signed on as official Technical Partner of Spark Racing Technology (SRT) to supply the Formula E cars to be entered in the FIA Formula E Championship.

Spark Racing Technology was founded in November 2012 for the creation and assembly of cars participating in the FIA World Championship Formula E. Formula E is a new FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) championship featuring racing cars powered exclusively by electric energy. It represents a vision for the future of the motor industry over the coming decades. The races will be held in the heart of the world's leading cities, around their main landmarks. Demonstrations of the first cars will commence in 2013, followed by the first official electric car race in 2014. The plan is for a grid of 10 teams and 20 drivers in 2014.

SRT earlier entered into an agreement with McLaren Electronic Systems to design and construct the powertrain for the first Formula E car.

Renault's expertise in electric powertrain design and integration acquired both in production E.V. and in Formula 1 makes Renault Sport a natural partner for Spark in this exciting Formula E project.

Engineers from Renault Sport F1 and Renault Sport Technologies will collaborate with Spark Racing Technology team to optimize the electric and electronic layout and performance of the powertrain. Our experience will be particularly valuable to ensure the safety and reliability of the car.

-Patrice Ratti, Managing Director of Renault Sport Technologies

The 42 Formula E single-seaters built for the beginning of the first season will be named "Spark-Renault".

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Renault Joins Formula E Championship - MotorAuthority

The French automaker joins the likes of McLaren, Drayson Racing and Spark Racing Technology as Formula E partners, with whom it will help develop the all-electric race cars for Formula E's inaugural season next year. Using its extensive motorsport ...
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Check Out Renault's Shiny New Formula E Zero-Emission Race Car

?French automaker Renault announced on Wednesday a technical partnership with Spark Racing Technology to provide a zero-emission, all-electric race car for the forthcoming FIA Formula E Championship. The #42 Spark-Renault SRT_01E will make its ...
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Bangkok revealed as ninth candidate city on 2014 Formula E calendar

Formula E Bangkok Bangkok has been revealed as the ninth candidate city to host a round of the Formula E championship when it kicks off next year. Thailand's capital city could also host Formula 1 in 2015 after local authorities approved the layout for ...
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Echos of Indy for Formula E

We like the idea of Formula E. Another feeder series into F1 and a chance for the FIA to pretend its being environmentally conscious (if not "friendly" - How friendly can you be flying people all over the world every 2 weeks?) For those of you that ...
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God of Electricity 2 Targets 110 MPH Average Speed at TT Zero Race on Isle of Man

Mugen Shinden 2, the second iteration of a Japanese electric motorcycle designed to devour the competition at SES TT Zero at Isle of Man, is ready to roll. Shinden gets its unusual name from two words: Á•û (Shin) and Áîµ (Den), designating Japanese god and electricity ("God of Electricity"). Last year, John McGuinness, already a [...]

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Formula E partners with Renault, releases new photos, video ...

Renault has signed on to become a technical partner for the inaugural season of the Formula E series - a series for electric race cars -...

Renault & Spark Racing team up for the Formula E Championship

Renault has signed on as an official Technical Partner of Spark Racing Technology to supply cars for the Formula E Championship.

MotoCyzysz & Mugen Set to Battle at 2013 SES TT Zero Race

Both electric-motorcycle race teams broke the 100mph average speed barrier around the TT Mountain Course in 2012 with the Japanese outfit Mugen splitting the MotoCzysz pair, with all three podium placed riders posting times in excess of 100mph. Michael ...
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ESBK Studios Special: Round 4 of the M1GP with Jerimiah Johnson

I catch up with “JJ” while he was driving back across the country on his way back home to Florida.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013 “Cancer Treatments Will Force Michael Czysz To Miss TT Zero At The Isle Of Man TT”

Here’s’s article. Of all the teams that I disagree with and that give me the wtf’s the most, MotoCzysz, hell Micheal Czysz himself, is at the top of the list.  But bench racing is one thing, and life threatening illness is something completely different.  These day’s I am not sure if anyone reading this […]

An Electric Off-Road Racer: 535 Horsepower and Something to Prove

On the Mexican 1000

Recharging the EV1 took 4.5 hours. (SRI photo)

Think about it: Is an electric car the ideal vehicle for an historic 1,200-mile no-holds-barred off-road race through Mexico's rugged Baja Peninsula early this month? Probably not, except for Jeff Smith, founder of the non-profit Strategic Recovery Institute (SRI). He used the the NORRA Mexican 1000, with a history dating to 1967, to prove what electric vehicles can do.

The SRI EV1 is certainly a fearsome beast, with 535 horsepower (400 kilowatts) and 750 foot-pounds of torque from its pair of NetGain Warp 9 motors. No gas tank, but it carries 138 CALB 3.3-volt prismatic batteries adding up to 82 kilowatt hours and 100-mile range. It looks like, well, a dune buggy on steroids.

read more

FIM Announces E-MX Electric Motocross Event

e-mxElectric motorcycles have taken the motoring world by storm while electric cars languish on dealership lots. Is it the affordability of electric motorcycles, or is it the emphasis on performance and motorsports that has made them a success? Regardless, the FIM has announced the E-MX, a serious motocross event for serious electric motorcycle riding enthusiasts.

While the all-electric TTXGP (now known as the TT Zero) has garnered a lion's share of the attention, the new E-MX event forgoes road courses in favor of big jumps and loose dirt. The season began last week in Belgium, where big name riders like Stefan Everts will be riding the KTM Freeride-E electric motorcycle.

This electric motorcycle, which pro-rider Ronnie Renner recently flogged about Austria, is not yet available for public purchase, though it has received rave reviews from those who have ridden it. As manufacturers, including Zero Motorcycles, will be on hand, though the initial competition is limited to the KTM bikes.

We love to see the enthusiasm with which the motorcycle community has embraced electric vehicles, and this looks like the start of a fun racing series that should garner fans from every corner of the world.

Source: Autoblog Green

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Latvian Team eO Prepping 400-kW Monster for Pikes Peak (w/video)

Alternative motorsport company eO from Latvia is creating a fully electric supercar, PP01, to attempt a record-breaking ascent to the Pikes Peak summit in Colorado. The Latvian company, which became famous in 2012 by way of completion of the Dakar rally as the first team to field a plug-in hybrid, announced that at this year's Pikes [...]

Honda to Field Hybrid, EV at Pikes Peak

(Photo courtesy American Honda.) Honda announced recently that it will field a hybrid and an electric vehicle (EV) at the 91st running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb slated for June 30. In addition to the CR-Z hybrid and Fit EV entries ...
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TechnologyTell (blog)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Why the 2013 Battle Between MotoCzysz and Mugen Might Not Be Just About the Bikes

As you may very well have seen in the moto blogoshpere MotoCzysz has not only done the expected and announced their 2013 TT Zero run against Mugen, but also announced their intentions of running this year’s FIM eRoadRacing series.  Now the first report came from Asphalt and Rubber and they said, “Also announcing its intention […]

Friday, May 10, 2013

ESBK Studios: Episode 22 (Teaser) Interview with John Kennedy of RIT

I get the low down on the Gang from New York.



Ripperton inboard hub motor first boot / bench test.

Credit: ripperton

Nissan Working on Hybrid Race Car

Japanese automaker Nissan is reportedly working on a hybrid race car that will be entered in next year's famed 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. ... The new hybrid vehicle will be able to run on electric power alone for short periods of time. Nissan ...
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Credit: dcplasmaracing


Credit: dcplasmaracing


Credit: dcplasmaracing

Dartmouth Formula Racing Wins for Best Electric Car | Dartmouth Now

The Dartmouth Formula Racing (DFR) team overcame battery problems to run away with first prize for the top electric car at last week's Formula Hybrid International Competition. Dartmouth placed first in the "electric drive class", which took place April 30 to May 2 at the New Hampshire Motor ... about his team members getting to hit the gas pedal. "Driving the car was a special experience," says Reis. "It was amazing to have the opportunity to compete in a vehicle we ourselves built." ...
Dartmouth Now

Thursday, May 9, 2013

ESBK Studios Special: Post Race with Jeff Smith of SRI and then Brian Wismann of Brammo

Interviews with Jeff Smith of SRI about the EV1 desert racer and Briam Wismann of Brammo about the past weekend battling the gas bikes head on with the Empulse RRs, the Empulse TTX, and Engage Prototype.  And some soap-boxing about a serious subject at the end.


2013 Shinden Ni Paint Scheme Revealed

Hello all.  I love having cool things in my mail box when I get home.  I posted up their last press release and photos of the bike in plain back.  In the last release they said. “work will continue to finalise the body work.”  This caught not just my attention.  Only I wasn’t so sure […]

Mission Motors teases highest performance electric vehicle ever - Torque News

A few years ago Mission Motors wow'd us with an electric motorcycle they positioned as the Tesla Roadster of motorcycles. The Mission One was able to race in the 2009 TTXGP on the Isle of Man, and later set a land speed record for electric motorcycles.See all stories on this topic »

Racing's future track

The new Formula E championship, which launches in September 2014 in London, will answer many of the key questions about the sustainability of Formula One. James Allen reports. For more video content from the Financial Times, visit ...
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Dakar Hybrid Rally Team Building All-Electric Pikes Peak Racer

drive-eo-electric-race-car-2 Motorsports teams the world over are seriously looking at pure electric and hybrid drivetrains as the future of racing, but few teams have been as bold as Drive-eO. Last year their Dakar Rally hybrid truck became the first ...
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Mission Motors teases highest performance electric vehicle ever - Torque News

A few years ago Mission Motors wow'd us with an electric motorcycle they positioned as the Tesla Roadster of motorcycles. The Mission One was able to race in the 2009 TTXGP on the Isle of Man, and later set a land speed record for electric motorcycles.
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mission Motors teases highest performance electric vehicle ever

The Mission One was able to race in the 2009 TTXGP on the Isle of Man, and later set a land speed record for electric motorcycles.

Dakar Hybrid Rally Team Building All-Electric Pikes Peak Racer

drive-eo-electric-race-car-2Motorsports teams the world over are seriously looking at pure electric and hybrid drivetrains as the future of racing, but few teams have been as bold as Drive-eO. Last year their Dakar Rally hybrid truck became the first hybrid to complete the treacherous race, and now the Latvian team is building an all-electric race car for competing in the Pikes Peak hill climb.

By the end of the Dakar Rally, the Drive-eO hybrid rally truck had racked up more than 11,000 miles of some of the roughest and most-grueling driving terrain on the planet. But why stop with one of the most difficult endurance drives on the planet? So Drive-eO is building an all-wheel drive electric race car with 400 kW, or about 540 horsepower on tap in a 950 kg, or about 2,000 pound package. Bam!


When looking at this carbon fiber body, I can't help but be reminded of Monster Tajima's ill-fated attempt at conquering Pikes Peak in an electric race car. After lots of anticipation, Monster's EV puttered out after just a couple of minutes of driving. That gave the win the the Toyota PM002 electric race car, which set a new record for EVs at the Peak.

This year's Pikes Peak competition should be especially interesting for EV fans, as Toyota will return to defend its crown from the likes EV West, Rod Millen, and privateers searching for fame and glory. With Drive-eO now in the running as well, Pikes Peak 2013 is already shaping up to be an electrifying experience.

Source: TechVehi

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

GeoMetric Moving & Storage Connecticut

Connecticut's Finest Mover! A-Rated BBB. All Full-Time Drivers & Movers.

Credit: lithiumaniacs

Tech Engineering Student Leads Electric Motorcycle Team To National Status

Marshall, a graduating senior majoring in mechanical engineering, served as leader of the Battery Operated Land Transportation (BOLT) team during his senior year. He led 35 undergraduate students in building a low-emission electric motorcycle based off ...
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Upgraded Toyota P002 EV Returning To Pikes Peak

2013-toyota-ev-p002I'm not sure when it happened or why, but the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has become a magnet for alternative fuel race cars, especially electric vehicles. Last year the Toyota P002 electric race car set a new class record for EVs, and was just 30 seconds behind the all-time record set by Rhys Millen. Well Toyota is returning for 2013 with a refreshed race car to finish the job.

With Rod Millen, father of Rhys, at the wheel of the Toyota P002, Toyota seems to be hoping that having a seasoned race car driver will pay off on the 12.42 mile course. Of course that isn't the only change Toyota has made to their electric race car.

For one, aerodynamics have been improved to allow the P002 to slip through the thin air at the top of the peak. Power has been increased to 400 kW, or about 540 horsepower, with up to 1,200 Nm, or about 885 ft-lbs of torque on tap. Top speed has also been increased to about 143 mph, and a new Schneider Electric EVlink fast charger will juice up the 42 kWh battery pack.

Will Toyota be able to fend off newcomers and veterans seeking to steal its electric racing crown? Or will the competition to be the cleanest and quickest to the Pikes Peak summit go to a challenger? I'm looking forward to finding out.

Source: Toyota

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Monday, May 6, 2013

ESBK Studios Special: Shelina Moreda Wraps up Brammo’s First AFM Weekend

Shelina gives us the rundown on Sunday’s happenings, from killing it on the TTX going from 14th to 7th,  to a 4th place on a completely unprepared, yet surprisingly up to the task, prototype Engage.  And as much insight into the going ons with the RRs that she could provide.  And as usual I ask [...]


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Final Thoughts on Brammo’s first Assault on the AFM

I was a bit anxious after the last race Sunday.  The two Empulse RR riders weren’t going anywhere near as fast as I had thought they would.  I really thought we’d see low 1:40s, and even dared to think the AMA Daytona Sportbike class times of 1:38s per lap were possible.  Eboz got within 10 [...]

VT Bolt make the Nightly News

Those crazy kids at Virginia Tech’s WARE Lab are finally putting the new superbike together and got to do final assembly in for a local TV news station.  134hp, 520lbs, 0-60 in 3.3 seconds.  That’s no TTX75 scooter. Here’s the link to the news story:

EBoz and Steve-O finish 14th and 17th out of 20 starters

So the tiny little track feed was enough to keep me entertained for this full effort from the RR pilots.  As mentioned above EBoz finished 14th and Steve-O finished 17th.  EBoz’s fastest race time was a 1:49.252 with Steve-O’s fastest being a 1:50.153.  For the first time I have witnessed (or at least noticed) the [...]

eFXC 2013 Race 1 track side fly-by

eFXC 2013 Race 1 track side Wakefield Park.

Credit: catavolt

Updated: EBoz and Steve-O Don’t Finish Race But Run Quicker Than Some Gas Bikes

Don’t freak too much.  They very well may have pulled off to be polite to the championship regulars than any technical reasons.  We will find out eventually.  In the mean time Steve-O got into the 1:51s on the first lap, and EBoz saw a 1:49.  This would have put both bikes in front of Lightning [...]

Sonoma Rain delayed

I just got an update from a Brammoforum member who is hanging with Brammo a bit.  A small rain shower is blowing through.  It doesn’t seem to be concerning anyone as it appears that it will move a right along.  So everyone seems to be taking lunch instead of later. This is a fan report [...]

Shelina takes 7th in AFM 250 SuperBike Class!

Shelina’s fastest lap was her second with a 1:59.4, and was 47 seconds behind the winner at the end of the race.  The winner, according to the announcers was putting on a clinic.  So a very respectable time from Shelina, even if the one of the announcers wondered if it “would finish.” Well done Shelina, [...]

Inside the Magic Factory of MotoCzysz

Michael Czysz (not Marc Marquez) testing the 2013 e1pc last week. Photo courtesy of MotoCzysz.

Michael Czysz (not Marc Marquez) testing the 2013 e1pc last week. Photo courtesy of MotoCzysz.

Last week, I was granted a rare visit to MotoCzysz headquarters in Portland, OR. I met with their General Manager Ray Crepeau, to discuss where the company is at both commercially and in racing for the 2013 season. Last week they announced their 2013 rider lineup, making it clear that they would like to race the full US season of the eRoadRacing series but for now are targeting IOM TT Zero and the Laguna Seca round of eRoadRacing.

The studio is in an unassuming section of NE Portland, much more centrally located than I expected, having visiting CRP's headquarters well beyond the nearest city center, in Italy. It was a shorter ride on my rental bicycle than many of the destinations I'd hit in days prior.

Crepeau explained that this year their strategy is to have more energy at IOM and more power at the short circuits. They're still interested in optimal aerodynamics, but have also made the bike smaller, lighter, and more powerful. Of course we didn't go into the details of all this, that remains to be seen in June when Rutter and Miller cross the finish line on the 2013 bikes next month in the TT Zero, and likely earn more laurels to decorate the workroom.

There's another Laurel from the TT to greet us as we enter the offices. This collection from five races keeps everyone motivated in the build room.

There's another Laurel from the TT to greet us as we enter the offices. This collection from five races keeps everyone motivated in the build room.

What Crepeau would show me was the new triple clamps, which work with off-the-shelf Ohlins forks. These MotoCzysz-designed triple clamps reduce front-end chatter and add a tunable second dimension of flex, something any rider on any bike can appreciate. They are currently taking orders from Professional roadrace teams and are looking to have first run units available later this summer.

Crepeau told me that Michael Czysz and team had taken one of the 2013 bikes out to a track day at PIR last week and discovered that the bike handled so well Czysz was dragging elbows. This means the suspension was so well sorted he was able to achieve exceptional lean angles with tremendous confidence. Ray then told me their patented cooling system worked great, even though the bike Czysz rode was unfaired. They're in the final throes of prepping the bikes for the TT, and the new fairings were nowhere in sight. The bikes were there, though. It was really exciting to watch Michael's father and lead mechanic Terry Czysz hard at work on one bike while lead engineer Nick Schoeps took a moment to stop measuring the other bike's power delivery on the dyno to answer my questions.

The Business of MotoCzysz

RC: Our primary business goal has always been to sell our digital electric drive systems to automakers and the like. We're in conversations with a few OEM's, just ironing out the paperwork. Our bikes are just a test bed, a way to show off what our powertrains are capable of.

SS: Last year at the Silicon Valley EV Symposium, I asked Ray Lane from Kleiner Perkins what he thought of your business model; selling powertrains to OEM's. He said he felt it would be hard to succeed since the main competitive advantage for an OEM is their powertrain. It's what sets them apart from their competition. Isn't it hard to work with them so they get exactly what they want? Is there a lot of customization?

RC: I think that's a valid statement, but electric drive systems are still so new, we actually have a lot of customers come to us, asking us "How do you solve this problem?" They sometimes ask us to evaluate their current systems to see what we think, or what we think of different components, if they'll work together well.

SS: So you also provide consulting services?

RC: Yes, we've had that opportunity a few times. We had to go through the same process as anyone would with the first bike we built. We bought a lot of components off the shelf, tried them, scrapped them, and eventually found the ones that work best for us and ultimately designed an integrated solution, the MotoCzysz D1g1tal Dr1ve.

One thing Ray teased me with was a rather large D9 motor with a humble 3,790 ft/lbs of torque. Good thing it's too big to fit on a motorcycle, or I'd really be in trouble. Wanna see one? Order some for your commercial vehicles, like their current client has. The interview continues, on the topic of racing...

The Business of Racing

Crepeau leads me through the engineering lab, then the theater, which will soon become a museum for the historic MotoCzysz bikes and technology pieces. On one side is a nice sectional sofa for the company and friends to relax and watch races together, the other side is set up with chairs facing a screen. We then walk into the chassis room where Terry Czysz and Casey Palmer are working on one of the bikes. The new bodywork is nowhere to be seen, but the bike has an interesting new frame and suspension setup. No pictures, because there are plenty of people who could look at the bike without its bodywork and determine how much energy is on board.

SS: What are your plans for the eRoadRacing series?

RC: We want to do the entire season; IOM and Laguna are our current targets. We'll have to wait and see about the rest.

SS: I heard a rumor last year that the Mugen powertrain looked identical to Mission's. And Mugen wouldn't tell me how much juice they had left at the end of the race. (The Czysz bikes used every last drop in the race).

RC: The Mugen will certainly be stronger this year, now that they have data from last year's race. They're going to turn it up, just like we are. And with McGuiness on board, they could bring a moped and finish respectably. We want to make the bike faster in every aspect, with better suspension components to more onboard energy without the typical compromise of added weight. We're right on target with last year's goal (a +100mph lap at the TT), now we're hoping to beat it, with a goal of 110mph average speed. (the record is 131.57 mph, courtesy of their main competitor John McGuinness, on his ICE Honda in 2009.) We're not completely finished but we are right on schedule.

We then visit Nick Schoeps while he's programming a bike's controller to optimize the energy management strategy, and I ask him a few questions. One of the bikes is on a dyno with wires just like an EKG, the big difference being that he can not only monitor the bike's heartbeat, but also adjust it for any conditions. Nick is an ME and EE, with tremendous expertise. He's proven to be invaluable to the success of MotoCzysz over the past three years.

NS: By having the bike wired up while on the dyno, we can control the test very well. There's a lot we can learn on the track, but this enables us to precisely control the test, to pinpoint different variables, narrow in our focus, apply different modes at different speeds.

SS: So you can use data you've collected from past races and mimic those conditions, to find opportunities to improve? What data do you collect, exactly?

NS: Sure, or even Isle of Man specifically. We can capture any of the information a typical MotoGP bike can get- suspension linkage movement, acceleration, GPS location. And like a gas bikes' ECU, we know our RPM, energy consumption, and motor timing.

SS: So the TT and the road courses where eRoadRacing runs are drastically different. Do you have to make a lot of changes between the two?

NS: Not as many as you'd think, definitely the nature of the race is different. Every year our primary focus is the TT, as it's the biggest one. The biggest change is gearing, we gear differently for the short track. Energy usage is different for the short tracks, as you've got more corners, more stopping and starting. Sometimes the cooling patterns need to change too, as short track racing conditions generate more heat.

We then visit Michael Czysz' office, and see the collection of C1 bikes which were prepared for MotoGP. If you've seen the film Charge, you know that Czysz was inspired by Britten. However, before he could enter the bike, the FIM changed the rules, dropping the premier class bikes down to 800cc limits. The full story of how he got into TTXGP is in the film, it's not to be missed.

"The main reason for not carrying on MotoGP ICE development was that the new 800cc required pneumatic valves which cannot be commercialized/used in any kind of street bike, so promised no ROI." - Michael Czysz

One of the C1 prototypes designed for competing in MotoGP.

One of the C1 prototypes designed for competing in MotoGP.

SS: So why not get into MotoGP now that it's back up to 1,000cc bikes?

RC: Because we just don't feel the future of motorsports is combustion. MotoGP bikes are increasingly dependent on electronics. I think it won't be long before MotoGP bikes are hybrids of some sort, which could lead them to us, and certainly leads them toward what we're doing. Our C1 motors have become a piece of history, so we've shown them at The One Motorcycle Show. These are our C1 prototype bikes, along with the first "proof of concept" model, that houses a Suzuki GSXR motor reconfigured to the intended C1 design.

SS: Shane Turpin has a long history with MotoCzysz, but doesn't have as big name as Rapp. Is there an A rider/B rider status?

RC: Rapp is an accomplished pro racer, and although Turpin's name may not be as recognizable, he too rides at an incredibly high level. Turpin has many championship victories, has competed as a Wild Card entry in World Superbike and he's a very accomplished race instructor. He's hungry, and we think he's got the talent to back up that desire. We have no internal statement as to who would be the one to send out on track if for some reason we only had one bike. We have complete confidence in both riders.

As we made our way back to where we'd started, something unexpected caught my eye through another door. But whatever it is, it's not ready for prime time. It's just good to know the idea factory of Michael Czysz is in full swing. If you want to watch the SES TT Zero, you'll have to find a way to see it on ITV4

MotoCzysz's first electric motorcycle, now retired peacefully in the lobby.MotoCzysz D1g1tal dr1vesVintage MotoCzysz C1 ICE engineOne of the C1 prototypes designed for competing in MotoGP.Where the magic gets milledEvery racer's dream closet.The race hauler fits neatly into the alley.There's another Laurel from the TT to greet us as we enter the offices. This collection from five races keeps everyone motivated in the build room.Michael Czysz (not Marc Marquez) testing the 2013 e1pc last week. Photo courtesy of MotoCzysz.

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Wismann’s Notes from Yesterday with the AFM

Brian was so kind to send me these comments this morning.  How he found the time I don’t know! Here are some notes:   - Spent the practice sessions tuning suspension to the track, as this is a very different animal than Thunderhill.  We also made adjustments to regen levels (Eric wanted less, Steve more) [...]

ESBK Studios Special: Shelina Spills the Beans!

Shelina and I talk about the first day of practice for her and the team running with the AFM at Sonoma Raceway.  We talk not just about the TTX, but to everyone’s surprise the Engage as well!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Aussie eFXC Round 1 Done. Ripperton Sweeps Races

Well, Ripperton wasn’t fast in qualifying, for whatever reason, but they have taken both races.  From the live timing for Race 2 it looked like Ripperton got stuck behind Varley on the first lap while Catavolt sailed off to a 10 second lead.  Ripperton got past Varley who shortly or a lap later “crashed” out [...]

First Round of the eFXC update

So I have been getting updates from the folks.  Not too much to say so far.  Only three teams have shown up for this round, but the new guys Varley are in the mix, which is a great sign.  In practice one of the bikes hit 1:10 lap time which is a 5 second [...]

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Electric Race Car Demonstrates New Battery Management Systems

EVE-race-carRange anxiety has proven a harsh mistress when it comes to electric vehicles, and even the much-vaunted Tesla Model S was the center of a range-induced controversy regarding how much mileage was actually left in its battery pack. But a new prototype sensor and battery management system could help get even inch of range even out of a mostly-depleted battery pack, making these battery packs far more efficient.

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS have built the EVE, an all-electric race car with an 8 kWh battery pack with an estimate range of 22 km, or about 14 miles. Two 60 kw electric motors drive the rear wheels, giving the EVE a top speed of about 87 mph.

Nothing record breaking here, but the point of this project is develop inglorious sensors and battery management systems, systems that could make battery electric vehicles far more appealing. While modern EVs need multiple sensors to measure battery pack energy and flow, two 3D magnetic-field sensors can accurately measure the charge level of individual cells within a battery.

Typical EV batteries can only operate as far as the weakest cell will allow, leading to inaccurate range-remaining readouts and leaving unused energy on the table. But these 3D sensors can pinpoint individual weakened cells and maximize energy output, shifting energy between the cells to maximize both range and battery longevity.

I don't cover stuff like this all that often because I mostly find it dull and boring. But the fact is, technology like this could lead to a better, more-efficient battery pack that makes EVs go a lot farther, without adding a lot in the way of cost.

Source: Green Car Congress

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Engineering Newswire 36: Electric Car Charge Time Cut in Half

Today on Engineering Newswire, brought to you by Interpower, the premier supplier of power system components for worldwide markets, we're ...

Refuel Races Returns to Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway

Photo courtesy of Refuel

Photo courtesy of

Sign up is now open for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to drive or ride YOUR electric vehicle on one of the world's greatest racetracks. Register for REFUEL and you too can dive into the corkscrew like Rossi or take the Andretti hairpin like Mario himself.

Although it's no longer free like it was when I first covered it in 2010, it's still the cheapest track time at Laguna Seca. By far. $30 will get you 3 sessions, each limited to 35 participants. $20 more gets you an extra session, the time trial, for which you'll need a transponder.

Zero racer Brandon Nozaki Miller covered it for us last year, because I really didn't want to ride that great track on a slow pit bike again. This year, Brandon will be racing Pikes Peak, so it's up to me to return to the happiest place on Earth.

I wanted to wait till I could do it on something fast. Well, now that I own an electric bike capable of doing respectable lap times at Laguna Seca, it's time to return. I do hope Zero Motorcycles will be interested in loaning the Zero owners some extra batteries, if we wind up getting close to the limits, as it's reported there will be quite a few of us at REFUEL this year.

While I was in Portland this week, I mentioned the event to some Brammo owners, so there's a good chance we could have a real Brammo Empulse vs Zero S showdown among the actual owners. Brammo owners have some catching up to do- last year the results sheet shows Zero S owners with a strong lead. Press Release follows on next page, but first enjoy this video Speed Ventures put together:

Read the official press release on the next page.

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Formula E all set to target GenX

Agag is the chief executive of Formula E championship, the latest FIA-sanctioned entrant to the racing scene. Formula E's unique selling point or USP is that it is an electric single-seater formula. "There's zero emission, no pollution and much less ...
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Electric Formula E cars rev up for race - Miami Today News

Miami city commissioners supported having electric cars racing through downtown two years from now as they thanked Formula E Holdings CEO Alejandro Agag last week for thinking of Miami for his company's new class of car racing. In April 2015, he told ...
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Racing to Watch For: This Weekend 1st Rnd of Aussie eFX and Brammo Takes Gas Bikes Head-on!

The Aussies have been working hard over the winter and have seriously upped their game.  It is reported we should see at least two bikes with over 100hp on board, and up to 5 on the track come race day.  The Aussie series is no longer part of the TTXGP but more to do with [...]

FIM announces 'first ever' electric motocross race, E-MX, forgets own previous event

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Institutional memory can be a funny thing. Sometimes short, sometimes selective, it always makes us wonder just how much effort was put in looking backwards before sending out press releases trumpeting a "first ever" product or event.

Case in point, the FIM has just announced the "first ever race for electric motocross bikes": the E-MX. While we can understand the desire to unremember unaffiliated happenings, such as the MiniMoto SX and, perhaps, Zero Motorcycles' 24 Hours of Electricross, it puzzles us how it manages to forget its own pioneering Ride Green Eco Enduro. It all just distracts from what could be a very significant bit of news - which we will now focus on, now that we feel better after getting that off our chests.

A significant hole in the electric motorcycle racing continuum might be about to be filled as the first E-MX event kicks off this week in at Circuit Zolder in Belgium, part of CleanWeek 2020. The contest will feature about a dozen riders, who will be split into two groups for sets of sessions for practice, qualifying and a semi-final. The top three riders from each group will then take to the track and face off in a five-lap final.

A varied assortment of riders includes the likes of 10-time world MX champion Stefan Everts and, interestingly, BMX Olympian Arnaud Dubois. Instead of his pedal bike, Dubois, and the rest of the riders, will compete using a small fleet of not-yet-for-sale-to-the-public KTM Freeride E motocross bikes. There will also be some representation from other manufacturers, as Zero Motorcycles and Quantya (now Vrone) bikes will be used for some "test runs" before the qualifying begins.

It's not clear whether the FIM E-MX, as it is called, will be an annual event or perhaps the beginning of a proper series. We, of course, hope it is the latter since motocross is the most popular form of motorcycle racing and the use of electric propulsion would help demonstrate to a wider audience the advantages of a quiet, yet powerful drivetrain. Scroll down for video from last September's original announcement which includes some getting-dirty demonstration footage, along with the official press release. If you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of Zolder Circuit on Thursday, definitely go check it out. Admission is free.

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Formula E Official Trailer

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Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag on Bloomberg News

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