Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Video: Westfield i-Racer EV Kit Hits The Track

westfieldPlenty of automakers and coachbuilders are building limited-production electric supercars with half-million dollar price tags, but Birmingham City University and Westfield have released this video of their $21,500 EV kit car racing on a track...and boy does it look fun.

The future of electric vehicles may not be decided by mass adoption by urban populations, but by the performance of EVs on the racetrack. If electric vehicles can gain popularity on the race track, then it is only natural that mass adoption will follow. But so many exciting and fun EVs have huge price tags. But not the Westfield i-Racer.

More of a "blank slate" than a true race car, the i-Racer was first introduced back in 2010 and can (supposedly) be had for just $21,500 and can be outfitted with a pure electric, hybrid, or tried-and-true gas engine setup. The car in this video uses an electric drivetrain, making it almost unsettingly quiet as it races along the track in this video. Range is estimated to be just 55 miles, which is enough for some (but certainly not all) races.

Should you opt for the electric drivetrain, two electric motors drive the rear wheels to the tune of just 132 horsepower but a whopping 550 ft-lbs of torque. 440 pounds of lithium-phosphate batteries push curb weight to over 1,700 pounds, but that's still insanely light, and as the video shows, the extra heft does nothing to slow this EV kit car down.

Do. Want.

Source: Wired

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