Monday, March 4, 2013

Nissan Prepping All-Electric 24 Hours Of Le Mans Racer?

24-hours-leafIt's hard to believe that it is already March, and in a few short months the 24 Hours of Le Mans will once again race into the history books. There's a lot of talk about this year's famous endurance race, including what car Nissan will contribute to the experimental "Garage 56". With Nissan no longer backing the DeltaWing racer, rumor has it that the Japanese automaker could field a pure-electric race car.

While Nissan did not explicitly say they would bring a pure-electric race car to Le Mans, it would make a lot of sense; the Japanese giant has sunk billions of dollars into the Leaf EV, and so far sales are not what executives hoped for. Nissan really needs to give its electric car efforts a shot in the arm, and a pure electric race car debuting at the world's oldest endurance race could be the jolt it needs.

Specfically, Nissan said that their Le Mans entry " targeting a return to the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2014 with a pioneering Nissan race car showcasing electric technology." Now that could imply a pure electric, a hybrid, or simply a modified version of the Nissan Leaf NISMO Competizone RC. We're hoping to something completely new and different though.

Last year Nissan backed the efforts of the DeltaWing team, which is working to produce a race car that uses half the fuel, half the horsepower, and half the tires, while still going as fast as current competitors. The DeltaWing will compete for points this year, and it will be joined by another experimental race car, the hydrogen-powered Green GT.

Nissan needs to prop up its own flagging EV models...and there isn't anyplace better to get a lot of auto enthusiast attention than the 24 Hours of Le Mans. What are you guessing Nissan brings to the track at this year's Le Mans race?

Source: Green Car Reports

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