Monday, March 4, 2013

Dallara Building Official Chassis For Formula E Series

dallara-formula-e-2For electric car racing fans, the upcoming Formula E series is something worth getting excited about. With some of the biggest names in Formula One racing pledging to participate in this fledgling series, Formula E could be the series that gets young people excited about electric cars. With Italy's Dallara Automobili now committed to building the official Formula E racing chassis, we can start visualizing the future of electric motorsports.

The Formula E series is offering competitors a choice of entering their own electric race car design, or of buying an officially sanctioned and designed car. Spark Racing Technology, a group of companies working to make the Formula E a reality, has released these first sketches. McLaren has been charged with building a drivetrain called the SRT_01E for the Formula E racers, and rumor has it a mid-race car swap will be necessary for the hour-long competitions.


With Italy's Dallara designing the chassis, Spark has released some sketches of what the official Formula E racer will look like. Other Formula One outfits, like Bluebird Racing and Drayson Racing, will be entering Formula E race cars of their own design. The Dallara design borrows heavily from Formula One, and race weight is said to be around 1,700 pounds thanks to lightweight materials like carbon fiber.

The Formula E series is set to debut in 2014, and will be hosted in at least ten city centers including places like Rome, San Paulo, London, and perhaps even New York City. This is the future of motorsports; let's hope Dallara is up to the task.

Source: Plug-In Cars

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