Saturday, September 10, 2011

FondTech Reveals Electric Formula E Racing Car, The E-11

FondTech's E-11 electric race car prototype is an electric racing car. The Italian aerodynamic engineering group has created the single seater as their own interpretation of a "Formula E" racer.

We applaud plans to use race tracks as the place to test and develop electric vehicle technology.  Racing has been THE place for generations to develop vehicle technology.  It should also be the place to develop EV technology.

Formula E is the FIA's planned electric car race series expected to launch in 2013.

The E-11 is an all-wheel-drive vehicle with semi-enclosed wheels (for aerodynamics).

It's expected to be competitive with "Formula 3" cars.  The range is expected to be 30 miles, enough for a 15 lap race.

Target specs include performance and weight akin to F3 cars, but the new series would focus (exclusively, we presume) on twisting city street circuits with races lasting just 15 minutes.

Led by founder and F1 aerodynamicist Jean-Claude Migeot, FondTech is confident the E-11 will stay in stride with an F3 racer for 20 minutes. It could even outmaneuver its conventional benchmark; the E-11 packs all-wheel drive for enhanced handling and regenerative braking. Testing in early 2012 should confirm this.

Source: FondTech Reveals Electric Formula E Racing Car, The E-11

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