Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wireless Chargers Could Turn EV Racers Into Life Size Slot Cars - Wireless charging for electric race cars

Drayson Racing is working with Lola to build an all-electric race car.  Part of the plan is a wireless charging system initially in the pit area, but eventually along the race track.

Drayson is working with Halo IPT to install “pickup pads” on cars, which will complete a circuit when “tuned” to an underground magnetic coil, charging the vehicle’s batteries.   The Wired news article linked below likens this to a slot car, but it isn't.  It's wireless charging, whereas slot cars use a wired charging arrangement.  Where it's similar to slot cars is that the race car no longer has to carry a battery pack or can decrease the size of its battery pack.

Because batteries for electric vehicles do not have the energy density of gasoline it limits the length of an electric race.  But Drayson would make it simpler to charge the battery pack during the race, perhaps having the pack continually charged throughout the race.

“Dynamic wireless charging will be a real game-changer, enabling zero emission electric vehicles to race over long periods without the need for heavy batteries,” Drayson said. “Motor racing is the ideal environment to fast-track the development of this promising technology and to prove its effectiveness.”


Wireless Chargers Could Turn EV Racers Into Life Size Slot Cars

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