Monday, May 16, 2011

Forumlec World Series ‘Electric Grand Prix’: Coming in 2012

The motorsports industry have their eye on electric racing.  An eye that's considering whether to adopt electric racing.

Electric racing has long been associated with drag racing and the likes of John Wayland's White Zombie.  Electric drag racers have been beating gas powered drag racers for many years.

Now electric car racing has gone big-time, leading to an electric race car series devoted to single seat race cars capable of top speeds of over 150mph, 0-60 times of just 3 seconds, and styling straight out of the Indy 500.  It's known as the Formulec series.

Unlike the EV Cup, the Formulec series is meant to incorporate a single racing style.  Namely the classic single seat race car of the Formula 1 style.

NOTE: The Formulec series was announced before the Formula E series.

Source: Forumlec World Series ‘Electric Grand Prix’: Coming in 2012

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