Thursday, April 9, 2009

TTXGP XXLRacing first run



TTXGP Kingston University Ep.04


30/10/08 - The Students strip the donor bike - A 1987 Honda NSR 250, which was donated to the project by a another student.

04/11/08 - Alex test rides Steve Labib's Electric Aprillia as a benchmark.

18/12/08 - Drew works on, and discusses some of the electrical systems on the bike.

18/12/08 - Alex machines the Drive Shaft to connect the motor output shaft to the front chain sprocket. Dean makes adjustments to the Shaft bearing housing.

15/01/09 - Drew and Paul identify a problem with the electric throttle controller.

15/01/09 - Paul discusses the Kelly Controller RS232 configuration.

28/01/09 - Gonzalo and Paul put the bike on the Dyno. Alex takes it for a quick ride up the road.

28/01/09 - Alex takes the bike for a longer ride on the A3 main road. The bike shuts down after a few miles due to undervoltage.

28/01/09 - Second test run of the development bike on the A3 road in south west london.

28/01/09 - Alex and Paul discuss undervoltage, which caused the bike shut down on the previous run.


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