Saturday, August 12, 2006

Videos of a guy making a first test of his electric motorcycle

Here's a series of videos showing the initial test of a home built electric motorcycle.

Preparing for Test Ride shows him doing final hookup of the system and explaining that "yesterday" he had fried the contactor, so his motorcycle is always "on".

Test Ride 1 shows him gingerly making his first ride with the motorcycle, and quickly disappearing down the street. It's a real zippy motorcycle.

Test Ride 2 shows the return trip from that initial ride. His buddy claims he made it to 40 miles/hr.

Test Ride 3 shows the return from the second ride, and his buddy asking some questions. Notice the alltrax controller. That explains why his bike is taking off so fast.

Test Ride 4 starts down the street, despite the rain.

Test Ride 5 shows him returning the last time.

Electric Motorcycle Demo He finished the motorcycle as a 72 volt system, E-Tek, and a 72 volt converter (which he mistakenly calls a DC-DC). This is a full demo of it being ridden around town and in traffic.

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