Saturday, August 12, 2006

Videos of an electric go-kart

Electric Go Kart is two and a half minutes of riding around an abandoned garage late at night in an electric go-kart. The kart is extremely quiet except for the squeeling tires. I suppose gas go-karts are probably very loud, and to an experienced go-karter the quiet would be eerie.

Electric Go Kart is some more of the same kart in the same garage.

Electric Go Kart Rundown is the same guy explaining the construction and operation of his go-kart. It's driven with an E-Tek motor and an Alltrax controller.

My brother's electric go-cart is someone completely different riding an electric go-kart around on a winter day.

Kartracing drifting And to give an idea of the contrast. Here's some gas gokarts racing around a track. See how noisy they are? Isn't the noise annoying?

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