Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ultra speedy Electric Car

There are some EV enthusiasts who believe that if Electric Vehicles can't go far, they might as well go fast. This car, by Wrightspeed is, basically, the epitome of that point of view.

The car they have now is built using the AC Propulsion drive train that's well known to have bonkers performance. Cars with that drive train can hit speeds close to 200 miles/hr and, due to the Lithium Batteries, achieve a 300 mile range (probably not at the same time).

The Wright Speed X1 seems to be limited to 112 miles/hr, and is tuned to achieve a fantastic energy efficiency that's equivalent to 170 miles/gallon. Miles/gallon in an electric? Well, they say it uses about 200Whr/mile for city driving. The conversion to miles/gallon equivalent is based on 33,705 Watt-hours per gallon of gasoline.

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The company is seeking to produce a consumer version with 100 mile range, 4.5 hour charging period and meeting US Federal safety standards. The company is based in Silicon Valley and is currently seeking private investment.

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