Thursday, May 5, 2005

EV Speed attempt

Given the necessary power input, an electric vehicle can operate in any performance envelope you desire. Doubt this? Consider the high speed electric trains around the world, such as the BART system. A BART train often has 10 or more cars, total length is similar to a football field, and it can still accelerate from 0-60 mph very quickly and run at 80 mph for long distances. How does BART do this? By providing huge quantities of electricity in the "third rail".

British team to attempt 300 mph in electric car (Thursday, May 5, 2005 CNN.COM)

A couple EV enthusiasts from England have built this car.

Newby, 46, a pilot who does acrobatic maneuvers, will drive the car. Fallows, 54, a retired Royal Air Force propulsion technician, designed the car.

Both assembled the vehicle in a barn in the English countryside using their own money from home equity loans.

"We think that at some point in the future, all cars will be electric, and we want to show you can go fast in an electric car," Newby said.

As an EV enthusiast myself, I completely understand their motivation. They are not alone as many EV enthusiasts have been racing their cars for a long time. We want these cars more widely available, and it seems one way to get there is to demonstrate, over and over, that EV's don't have to be boring golf carts with pokey performance.