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Italy&#39;s CRP Racing To Build Motorcycle For <b>TTXGP</b> Race Series <b>...</b>

Italy's CRP Racing To Build Motorcycle For TTXGP Race Series News Article // November 15th, 2012 · No Comments · read more. Tags: Miscellaneous ...

SMA Powers <b>Electric Motorcycle</b> as it Breaks Land Speed World Record

ROCKLIN, Calif., November 13, 2012—A new land speed record for electric motorcycles was set over the weekend with a vehicle from Lightning Motorcycles, the leading pioneer in electric motorsports. The Lightning SuperBike, the world's fastest electric ...
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SMA Powers <b>electric motorcycle</b> as it breaks land speed world <b>...</b>

pv magazine - the magazine for experts. pv magazine, of which is its online presence, is a monthly trade journal that was launched for the ...

Sma Powers <b>Electric Motorcycle</b> As It Breaks Land Speed World <b>...</b>

The Lightning SuperBike, the world's fastest electric motorcycle, was powered by a DC Solar Solutions Solar Eclipse mobile power unit featuring Sunny Island inverters. It reached a speed of 189 mph to break the previous record set at El ... live stream

Lightning takes Production Motorcycle LSR

McLaren joins new Formula E <b>electric car</b> challenge

With McLaren's help, the new championship hopes to develop a grid of 10 teams and 20 drivers in 2014. Demonstrations of the first cars will commence in 2013, followed by the first official electric car race in the following year. Frédéric Vasseur CEO ...
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London's Olympic Park To Be Venue For Electric Car Race Series?

Olympic sports events leave a lasting impression on the countries they visit. Not just in terms of athletes, but in the facilities they leave behind. London's 2012 Olympic Games were no different, and several companies are attempting to find a use for the huge Olympic park specially constructed to host the games. One of those could involve...

--- KillaJoule 191.448 MPH AMA record confirmed! ---

The KillaJoule record from BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials at Bonneville is now confirmed by AMA! 191.488 MPH (308.1 km/h) making it the world's fastest electric sidecar motorcycle and the world's 4th fastest electric motorcycle of any kind. The record is the average of two consecutive runs, done the same day and in a specific order (you can't just pick any two runs in the same day). The record qualifier run was only 169.786 MPH, while the backup run was 213.190 MPH. The average of these two runs is the new record of 191.488 MPH. The day after these runs, KillaJoule run 216.504 MPH (348.4 km/h) in the flying kilometer and 214.050 MPH in the flying mile, but it wasn't backed up with another run over 200 MPH, so the record is currently below 200 MPH. KillaJoule is now the world's 4th fastest electric motorcycle of any kind in registered official records, and the world's 2nd fastest in official registered top speeds (meaning there is a time slip from a sanctioned event)! ;-) It is also the world's fastest electric sidecar motorcycle, which is has been for the two years now.

Drayson Racing Launches Formula E Design Competition

To be successful in professional racing means having the right talent and the right technology on hand. Drayson Racing Technologies is looking into the future of racing, and they see the all-electric Formula E series as a promising motorsport. To wit, Drayson Racing is launching an electric race car design challenge for first year design students, who will receive both a prize and the honor of seeing their design come to life as a real EV racer.

Drayson Racing currently campaigns the 200 mph B12/69EV racer, a very capable electric race car that has no real opponents. That will hopefully soon change as the Formula E season starts to take shape, with current plans set for a 2014 opening season.

While the FIA will allow Formula E competitors to opt into buying a pre-selected EV racer, they also welcome other designs. Bluebird Racing already has a design they hope to enter in Formula E, and Drayson Racing is hoping that this design challenge will provide a winning design that they can compete with. The contest is open to students at the Royal College of Art’s Vehicle Design program in London.

It is a rare opportunity to first-year design students to get to have a chance to see one of their designs built, and maybe even raced. This is the kind of education we should be promoting, period. How much more motivation does one need than to see a design of your own making zipping down the racetrack at incredible speeds? I can’t wait to see what these kids come up with.

Source: Drayson Racing Technologies

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